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Eco Friendly Business Ideas For Students

There are many ways to start a business that is environmentally friendly. Upcycling furniture can be a great way to create money while doing good. Break-downs of old chairs can be reconstructed into an end table or a coffee table. You can also grow plants to purify the air. Creating products from recycled books or vegetables is also an eco-friendly way to make money. If you love cooking, you could start a catering service that offers all-natural, organic cuisine.

Beekeeping can be a lucrative business. Beekeepers have access to raw honey and honeycomb 24 hours a day. Creating beauty products from all-natural ingredients is another great way to make money. Beekeepers can also sell organically grown produce and honey, and they can also build their own all-natural beauty products. You can also open a thrift store. Consumers spend more than $17 billion on resale items every year, so this is a great opportunity to make money doing something you love.

Another eco-friendly business idea is to create toys. 90% of toys are made of plastic. Eco-conscious toys are made from sustainable materials like rubber and wood. You can also sell eco-friendly toys online and at local markets. You can also sell your eco-friendly creations by using non-toxic paint and materials. If you want to sell a product to children, you can use eco-friendly materials like glass and paper.

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