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Coastal Carolina laws4life University uses Office 365 to serve as a single platform for lawyersmagazine email and other communication. The service provides the latest versions of Microsoft Office for Windows and OS X, as well as cloud-based mobile apps. The service also includes enterprise messaging, single sign-on and more. Office 365 is a subscription-based online version of the Office platform. Office 365 offers a number of features and information that help to make it easier for employees to get work done worddocx.

The primary email application in Office 365 is lawyerdesk . This email program keeps events and appointments in an organized calendar. There is also an application for desktop devices. If you would like to sign in to Outlook 365, follow the directions in this guide.

Office 365 publiclawtoday includes several other features, including MS Teams, cloud-based mobile apps and more. The service also offers multi-factor authentication security, increased redundancy and a number of other features. You can learn more about Office 365 in our documentation. We also offer a method for recovering lost Outlook emails. Coastal Carolina University uses the service to send official communications. Whether you are a Coastal Carolina University employee, student or visitor, you can use the service to keep in touch with friends and bestlawyers360 family.

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